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Manage your advertising campaign and connect with the audience through Social Media platforms

social-media-advertisingSocial Media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin are best form to connect with business associates and target customers. According to the survey conducted almost 70% of B2C customers are acquired by Facebook and 47% are engaged through LinkedIn platform, Youtube videos are no more platform to share comedy videos but a way to interact with clients, reach potential audience with right message.

Social Media Marketing is not just about running paid ads on Facebook and spamming using Twitter tweets and handle LinkedIn connections. To us, Social Media Marketing is the extension of being open and interactive with your existing and potential customers. This tuning reciprocates in every aspect of the social media management process at Caden Internet Marketing. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs take your brand to your customer’s doorstep. And that too, with practically no costs involved. Just imagine the outcome!!
It is this skill of connecting individually with your targeted audience, talking & influencing them, that we call Social Media Marketing. Today every established Brand and small businesses, all feel the need to communicate updates and news to their customers. Social Media Marketing proves to be an best tool for a marketer to accomplish this.

For any given social media advertising campaign we will complete the following process:

1. We will first have a discussion on what your objectives are for the social media campaign including target audience, business offerings, price points, calls to action and suitable imagery.
2. We will prepare a range of ads and submit them for your approval
3. We load the approved ads into the system and await approval from the social network in question
4. Once approval from the network is received, your ad campaign will commence and either run for a set duration, or ongoing, depending on the type of social media campaign.
5. We will monitor and report back on results at regular intervals to ensure you are informed of how the social media campaign is performing.

Our Social Media Setup Charge include:

  1. All Package include a setup service charge of $200
  2. Demographic audience will be targeted
  3. Social Media account creation and maintenance
  4. Write minimum 2 ads with Keyword’s optimized
  5. Submit 2 ads for approval by social networks
  6. Get approval for those 2 ads and commence the campaign

Please go through our Social Media plans mentioned below and get back if you have any doubts regarding the same.


$ 500

Per MonthMonitor Ads – 1/week

Modify Bid Cost to get maximum exposure – 1/week

Funnel Geo-Targeting (target specific location) – 1/week

Split Testing your ads with different imagery – 1/week

Optimize Ads – 1/week

Social Media Campaign Report – Monthly


$ 1000

Per MonthMonitor Ads – 3/week

Modify Bid Cost to get maximum exposure – 3/week

Funnel Geo-Targeting (target specific location) – 2/week

Split Testing your ads with different imagery – YES

Optimize Ads – 2/week

Social Media Campaign Report – Monthly

EnterpriseMost Popular

$ 1350

Per MonthMonitor Ads – 5/week

Modify Bid Cost to get maximum exposure – 5/week

Funnel Geo-Targeting (target specific location) – 3/week

Split Testing your ads with different imagery – YES

Optimize Ads – 3/week

Social Media Campaign Report – Monthly


$ 1900

Per MonthMonitor Ads – 7/week

Modify Bid Cost to get maximum exposure – 7/week

Funnel Geo-Targeting (target specific location) – 5/week

Split Testing your ads with different imagery – YES

Optimize Ads – 5/week

Social Media Campaign Report – Monthly

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