Facebook Advertising Using Sponsored Listing (For Post/Page)

An Effective Way Of Pay Per Click (PPC) To Drive Traffic To Your Site.

Facebook Pay per Click advertising is a method where we can tailor your campaign and target audiences according to region, industry, niche, gender etc and drive traffic to your Facebook Business Page and website.

ppc-facebook-ads-cadeninternetmarketingFacebook is an effective platform of social media which can be leveraged to drive traffic to your site, as well as collect fans through “Likes” whom you can target later through your facebook page updates.
The important factor that many people miss is that, when you post an update over your business page, it goes Public and can be seen on fans timeline. Secondly it shows up on your timeline and your friends if you share it to your timeline.
Types to generate a paid ad campaign for your page:
Type 1 – Desktop News Feed
Type 2 – Mobile News Feed

Therefore your update reaches mass audience virtually in no time. This is just the Organic mantra behind the above mentioned steps. Now think if you post the same update with some cash involved i.e Paid advertising using Facebook.

How Paid ads/Sponsored ads on Facebook will help you:
1. Target your best prospect with Facebook Pay Per Click
2. Use relevant post for niche audience (target location, gender, age bracket, profession)
3. Split-test ads, offers & landing pages
4. Review your ads progress using analytics and try what works best for your business
5. Filter your campaign and narrow your funnel through different combinations and increase your return on investment (ROI).