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mobile-marketing-solutionWhat Is Digital Marketing Services For Mobile Devices ? Why Is It Required In Today’s Life ?
Digital marketing services for mobile devices is a method of distributing any kind of information in the form of SMS, info graphics to customers through wireless networks. It is also known as wireless marketing as information can be accessed on the go and by using a local area network or wi-fi. Mobile Marketing in today’s world contributes to over $10billion US market. With rise in bandwidth speed to 4G and many countries implementing it, sharing of information and being social has been an easy task for all of us.

Until few years back SMS was considered as leverage to share information by the industry giants to attract customers to their services. This thinking shortly ended up with the introduction of Smartphone’s and tablets in the hardware industry. People started using internet on the cellular devices giving them wide exposure to Information all over the globe.
Now People staying in any part of the world can exchange information along with family, friends and colleagues sitting in other part of the world by just a click. This is where the mobile marketing comes into picture. Mobile marketing helps to target audience around the globe and in turn increase the ROI for the Companies residing in different parts. They help to get large audience for their brand name.

Why Organisations Should Opt For Mobile Marketing???

mobile-responsive-website-mumbaiThere are over 10Billion mobile users around the globe. They surf internet, use different apps to share ideas, thoughts and exchange information. Isn’t that a simple way to target this large audience to get attracted to your brand name? Create your responsive website that suits Smartphone, Tablet’s needs, create apps for the same so that you will engage your customers for your brand and in turn increase your Return on Investment without hiring a sales department team to look after. Gear up your Tech Team to do all the Information Technology aged things and save on employment cost.
Few key notes that will tempt you to kick start you Mobile Marketing: –
1. Worldwide 300billion messages are exchanged every month.
2. Over 100 billion users use apps like Whats App, We Chat to exchange information.
3. Internet over Mobile phones is accessed even by a common man as it is necessity now to keep in touch.
4. Mobile phone provides users with integrated web services granting them to access social networking sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, g+, search engines like google and bing using GPRS, Wi-Fi etc enabling you to target them for your products.
5. E-commerce websites that give audience a leverage to shop by surfing products and ordering them online at home.

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