Why Having A Website Is Important For Your Business?

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Last week during our board meeting we had a discussion about how many businesses around the city don’t have a website. Depending on the report that we gathered around 44% to 65% businesses lack the basic necessity of having a simple website for their business.
I have put forth few points as to why every business should have at least a basic website:
95% of Business purchase decisions are made online
In order to know how things work out online you need to understand the mindset of the consumer who search through the search engine for his or her needs. In today’s world people use Google, Bing as major search engines to find their needs online. Results are displayed in order as per the customer’s requirements. Many Businesses in and around the nation choose the business directories to highlight their business and gain customers at the cost of paying premium annual amount to these business directories.
Even if you go for a premium listing for your business there is no fixed ration on the ROI that you do and no record of who visited your listing and when. With website in place for your business these things are possible.

How having a website adds value to your business

1. Professionalism
2. Ease of access
3. Low cost invested to highlight your business
4. Lasting Value


In today’s age if you don’t have a website you are not treated as a competitor in your own market. Having a website reflects who you are, what you provide and ease of accessibility for the consumer who goes through your website. Many people use their Smartphone’s on-the-go to find a suitable query. If you don’t fit in with proper solution for their query you lose a potential lead for your business. Based on our study 80% of the people avoid contacting businesses that don’t have a website or even proper online presence.

Ease of access:

Having a website makes it easy for the people to go through your website, to know about your organisation, services you provide, testimonials and feedback from your existing customers. By having a website people can find your company through Google, Bing and other search engines. It is true even if you don’t have your website your business can be found on Google through directory listing, yellow pages directories etc. But do you really want to rely on such mediums? Here is a following example that will solve your doubt:


First image depicts all the information about “My Dentist”, also the results show internal links to the business pages. The customer can go through – About Us page, contact us page and other inner pages and get proper insight of the business giving him the satisfaction that he knows something about the organisation before making a call to approach them and utilise their services.



Second image depicts random results that fetch through paid ads and directory listing, leaving the consumer with random options to choose from, gather info and then make a final call to choose a potential service provider. The consumer can make his final review once he approaches the service provider and utilises his services.

Low Cost to highlight your business

Well building a website according to your standard and integrating it with various features will blow your budget to fit your expectations, but a simple website highlighting your business and services will cost you less than a directory annual listing which you will have to renew every now and then. Once you exclude the annual fee for domain purchase and renewal fee plus hosting package all you do is invest once in your website build. Very cheap if you compare to Facebook Ad marketing, Directory Paid listings, PPC.

Your website will be much more effective though than Facebook Ads because people see your website they are actively engaged in learning about your company. Having people actively engaged on your website for multiple minutes at a time will result in many more leads and sales than a small Facebook Ad as most often people don’t even notice Facebook Ads.

Lasting Value

The great part about a website is that once you invest in it, you have it forever and it continues to work for you forever. You just have to renew your domain and hosting plan.

What other advertising methods do?

They work for you only when you pay for them. The more the duration you pay for they will highlight your business as featured listing along with other competitors. The money that you spent on paper ads etc may not eventually get you the same ROI as your website.

Having a website increases your reach worldwide. You are not restricted to a particular location. You can build contacts locally as well as internationally and get B2B associates. Get in touch with us if you are interested in getting new customers for your business.

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