Get Your Website Found on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo

It’s very essential in today’s world to have your business online where you have smartphones with internet connection. Growing your brand awareness is very important, exciting and essential. You connect not only with local audience, but you reach out to masses around the domestic and international market. Your website serves as a virtual tour portal for Business.

Now the main question arises how to get found online and appear on Google search results. If your site ranks well for a particular keyword it can have a huge impact on the traffic to your website & consequently more unique conversions for your business.

To Make Sure Your Business Gets Found On Google, Bing Or Yahoo Follow The SECRETS Mentioned Below:

Submit Your Website To Google/Bing Analytics And Google/Bing Webmaster Tool.

Search Engines crawl millions of websites daily, create a cache copy of the same and collect information. Submitting your website to GA, WMT will help you show up in the search results. Every time you resubmit your site URL to Google/Bing you notify the search engine that your website has updated, making sure robot visit’s the site and stores latest version as cached copy to its database.


Select & Target The “RIGHT KEYWORD” For Your Business

Keywords play major role in upbringing your site on top pages of the search results. Google uses KW as a reference to analyze website. When Google/Bing robot visit your site they go through the keywords mapped on to the Title and Meta’s of your site and accordingly ranks them on the search results over a period of time. Keep in mind, getting ranked for a high volume keyword is a little bit difficult because the competition is high. Best tool to find the variation for a particular keyword is to run it through Google Adwords – Keyword Planner. It provides you with valuable data like competition, search volume, location specific etc.


Optimise Your Meta Tags

Title tagNiche KW – Business Nameon your website should target keyword from your niche market. Also Meta Description tagDescription to be 160 words should carry a keyword to get your business highlighted on top pages of SERP’s.


Link Your Website To Social Profiles

There are heaps of social networking sites that allow you to create free account and start networking with likeminded individuals over the Internet. To name a few are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc To increase your niche audience you can share your website URL on to such social networking mediums on regular time interval when you roll out any new update about your services or products.


Add Your Site To Business/Local Directories

This is the major factor that stands out loud, which very few professionals or Business minded people give a thought. The more outbound links your website gets from different sources the number of times your website is crawled by the robots helping search engine build a trust factor towards your website. This helps to increase organic traffic to your website and in turn more customer flow for your business.

To get your business found on Google please feel free to contact us, we will surely help your business to increase sale online.